Ankara swirls mask

Rayne Storm

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    • Unisex
    • Reusable cotton masks - made of high-quality cotton to keep your face soft and comfortable. The masks are WASHABLE, reusable, and can be folded for easy carrying.  They EXPAND to cover from your face to under your chin (if you choose)
    • Adjustable - These masks have a small piece of wire inside the fabric of the bridge of the nose that allows you to adjust it to fit your face more comfortably and help prevent your glasses from fogging up. The durable design ensures comfort and fits securely to prevent dust and other contaminants from penetrating the mask.
    • Filter slot - The mask comes with a filter slot that you slip your choice of material inside (not provided) to prevent particles from being able to enter your nose or mouth.
    • Fashion Gift - You can also send masks as a gift to a loved one, friend or family member. It is a great product worth sharing with everyone!